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Best Instagram Apps for Photo and Video Editing

It’s no wonder that amazing visual content is very important for marketers to grab attention of the people. Facebook is constantly making changes in its News Feed to display bigger videos and images. So, Instagram also expands their ad features. So, marketers should know about creating attractive visuals for their social networks and blogs. There are many video and photo editing apps for mobile devices and some of them are paid.

For Photo Editing

Afterlight ($0.99 for Android and iOS)

It has all the features for basic photo editing – from color tone control to adjusting brightness and exposure to streamlining and rotating the picture. It has 74 filters with adjustment tools, such as Fusion filters to mix filters, tools and textures to create your own look.

VSCO Cam (Free, for iOS and Android)

Over the past couple of years, it has become a very popular app for photo editing for smartphones. It has huge range of editing tools and filters. Its filters add more authentic, soft look which resembles a real film than over-saturated looks in other filters. When it comes to edit photos on the fly, just upload the picture to VSCO cam.

Snapseed (Free, for Android and iOS)

It is yet another app which is best choice for basic enhancements. It has all the classic adjustment tools you like, such as cropping, tuning, and straightening. Its “Selective Adjust” tool makes it very unique. You can target the area in the photo and adjust its contrast, brightness and saturation. It is the best tool to focus your viewers’ attention on the pastry around your coffee. You can make it more vibrant so it looks tastier and crisper.

Camera+ ($2.99, only for iOS)

If default camera in your iPhone is a digital point-and-shoot, this app adds a quality SLR lens to it. This is why it is so special and expensive. This app has a lot of amazing photo editing tools, such as retro effects, color tints and crops. It has image stabilizer to capture sharpest possible photos before taking a picture. You can also zoom in your photos to 6X that can definitely level up the quality of your shot in order to hone in on something which is far away. The Clarify filter is its secret sauce here, as it can add crispness to all shots.

For Video Editing

Hyperlapse (Free, only for iOS)

This app is created officially by Instagram. It is used to condense video into hyper-speed, brief videos that can be uploaded into Facebook or Instagram. You can choose from different speeds and app will show how long the video will be for each speed when compared to the length of video in real time. You can really delight your followers and grow your social media presence.

PicPlayPost (Free, for Android and iOS)

You really know the value of having photo colleges. Now you can create a video college. It is an easy to use app with which you can do exactly the same. Keep in mind sound from both videos play well. Make sure that they will not class with each other.